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Kyuden Group's first overseas demonstration project of tidal power generation

Singapore, 29 May 2023

Kyuden Mirai Energy Company Incorporated (“Kyuden Mirai Energy”) and Kyuden International Corporation (“Kyuden International”), members of the Kyuden Group, are participating in a tidal energy demonstration project to be implemented in the waters off Singapore by Bluenergy Solutions Pte Ltd (“Bluenergy Solutions”).

The tidal power is a predictable and stable marine renewable energy throughout the year, as it utilizes characteristics of periodic change in mass and direction of the tidal current created by the combined gravitational pull of the moon and the sun, unlike solar and wind power generation which are dependent on weather conditions.

This project installs small tidal generators (7kW x 4 units) offshore near the Raffles Lighthouse in Singapore to verify the performance of the generators and the reliability of the power generation system as a whole. The project also contributes to the decarbonization of the maritime and port sector by replacing diesel power generation with tidal power generation for the electricity supply to the lighthouse.

Kyuden Mirai Energy is promoting Japan’s first large-scale tidal energy demonstration project in Naruseto, Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture. By participating in the demonstration project of small tidal generators, it aims to extend its wide range of decarbonization solutions that meet regional characteristics and customer needs. By utilizing the knowledge gained from the demonstration project, Kyuden International aims to further expand its distributed energy solutions worldwide as recently it has invested in overseas microgrid projects in remote communities and islands.

Kyuden Group will continue to promote the development of renewable energy including tidal power generation toward creating a low-carbon and sustainable society as described in the "Kyuden Group Carbon Neutral Vision 2050".

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