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Bluenergy Solutions on a rising tide

SINGAPORE, 4 August 2022

Drawing power from the tides, Bluenergy Solutions, a Singapore-owned marine energy company, makes new waves in sustainable energy and seeks to grow in Asia

In this current age of climate crisis, the need for sustainable energy is more urgent than ever. Integrating various renewable energy technologies will be a key contributor to meeting the world’s growing energy needs and decarbonisation efforts. With this in mind, Singapore-owned company Bluenergy Solutions enters the renewable energy market and offers a solution from the ocean - tidal hydrokinetic energy.

Bluenergy Solutions will be the first Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) solution provider in Asia to pioneer the integration of energy generation, storage and distribution - in a fully sustainable ‘Plug and Play’ operating system. The company will provide both off-grid and grid solutions, the former being the replacement of diesel generators and the latter being the distribution of power, including importing energy - without cables. This is currently at the proof of concept stage.

Already in its testing stage, Bluenergy Solutions bi-directional tidal turbine array deployment, has the potential to produce one gigawatt hour of energy, annually. With Singapore as its hub, the company plans to bring this form of renewable energy into the region, with the first target markets in Japan and South-East Asia.

In collaboration with A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), Bluenergy Solutions has jointly designed the hydrodynamic features of this bi-directional tidal turbine. A complete ‘Plug and Play’ solution is being demonstrated in two Proof-of-Value (POV) projects in Singapore - on a bridge and an off-grid island.

Above: Bluenergy Solutions bi-directional tidal turbine

These POV projects are of particular relevance for the Asian region, given the enormous number of potential sites available where these turbines can be deployed.

The company also has several strategic Japanese collaborators for the POV projects in Singapore, which includes a major shipping company, NYK Line. The successful delivery of these projects will be followed by commercial sales and distribution. Bluenergy Solutions is currently preparing for these POV projects which will start in the last quarter of 2022.

In May 2022, Bluenergy Solutions was selected as the winner of the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2021, in the Renewable Energy category, organised by Open Innovation Network, set up by Enterprise Singapore.

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